Roaring Pines is an ecommerce site and brick and mortar storefront that specializes in American made household, utility, and travel goods with a soda fountain that serving specialty sodas and coffee in Richmond, Virginia. Roaring Pines owner Drew Dayberry and I had worked together previously on a website for a shoe polish brand he was starting, and when it came time to move Roaring Pines into a brick and mortar location he let me have my way with the product descriptions and photography for the new website.

We talked about how the vast majority of product copy is just size, color, materials, etc. with bullet points and we thought that if the consumer made it far enough into the site that they were actually reading the product copy they should get something out of it. I gave each brand it's own voice, researched their origins, and told little stories about what these things reminded me of, how they could be used, and with the Roaring Pines branded products (that had no particular origin story) where they might have fit into the history of cinema. 

AD, Drew Dayberry

CW, Photography James Wainscott