D&AD, New Blood; i-D Magazine 

For the past thirty years British fashion and lifestyle magazine i-D has sought to capture and define the changing face of youth culture. The brief for this project was simple, three photographs that work together, and as stand alone images, that capture a subculture. In a nod to i-D's origin as a zine chronicling the DIY punk street wear scene in early 80's London, we choose to focus on DIY skatepark builders.

In the late 90's groups of skateboarders, fed up with getting kicked out of private property, and frustrated with local governments’ inability to provide public skate parks, they began building the types of obstacles they wanted to ride, themselves. These first instances sprang up under bridges, and were formed out of concrete to make them harder to remove. Over the last four years The Lost Bowl in Richmond, Virginia, funded by tax credits, Kickstarter, t-shirt sales, and built with the hard work of a group of skateboarders from all over the East coast, has become a concrete oasis.

AD; James Wainscott, Candace Faircloth 

Photography; James Wainscott